my profil

study of  Mechanical Design  (Diplomingenieur (FH)

8 years construction, design and engineering

- Mechanical Construction on 2D and 3D Systems
- Construction on 2D and 3D Systems

- Construction of cast parts and gear parts
- Construction of parts for paper machines and cigarette maker
- Drawings, Bill of Materials, Documentation

9 years tire industry

- International project works Asia, South America, Europe
- Special Project Engineering and developing projects
- Product developement
- Spezifikations in german / english
- Mechanical Construction for Tire industry
- Welding Te chnology and Coatings

- Plant Layout Design - Layouts
- Optimization of technical parts of main machines tire industry
- Wear resistance analysis and Coatings

Additional experience and works

- European Welding Engineer (EWE) national welding school  SLV Halle/Saale
- Material and Weldung analysis (lasercladding, hardening ..)
Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoff- und Strahltechnik IWS

- Wear resistance tests  
- cost analysis projects of machines and parts
- Publications (Co-Autor)  "New Wear Coatings with temperature control hard surface Laser cladding with CO2-Laser" and " Controled  welding processes to manufacture hard coatings with CO-2   -Laser" written in VDI-reports and DVS- 
  conference  proceedings (Deutscher Verband Schweißtechnik)